The dining-room of the restaurant, located at the 6th floor, offers one of the most beautiful and romantic view of Paris, looking over Notre-Dame. This place opened in 1582 and the King Henri the Third discovered the fork when he had dinner there. Frederic Delair, its owner under the Third Republic, created the famous "canard au sang" or "Canard Tour d'Argent", and decided that each duck would bear a number. In 2003, a million ducks had been served! In the meantime, André Terrail bought the restaurant in 1910 and the 6th floor was built in 1936. In 1947, Claude Terrail took over from his dad at the head of the family business. Since 2006, André the grand-son is at the head ot the prestigious restaurant. Prices from 80 euros (lunch menu) to 230 euros ("A la carte"). One star in the Michelin guide since 2006.