You're facing the Georges Pompidou center, named as well Beaubourg, a masterpiece of modernity, especially for the time it was built, in 1980, where take place a lot of art exhibitions and cultural activities. The atmosphere around here is specific, with street performers, and a mix of all sort of people, students, tourists, parisians of all age, families and, I have to admit, some dodgy caracters also. Les Halles, just nearby, is famous to drag drug dealers. But you shouldn't be affraid, because, as said before, there is all sort of people, it's always busy, there are lots of clothes, food and posters shops and the atmosphere is quite laid back. Don't miss the Place Igor Stavinsky, on the right hand side of Beaubourg when you're facing it, with a nice and modern as well fontain with sculptures of the artist Nikki de Saint Phalle. And, going towards Châtelet-les-Halles, after crossing the Boulevard de Sébastopol, don't miss either the small Place Joachim du Bellay, with its superb Fontain of the Innocents.