My favorite, even though it doesn't present anything about Paris!
Conceived by the architect Jean Nouvel, this new museum was unveiled by President Jacques Chirac in 2006. It’s a place where the archaic mix whith the modernity in harmony.
Going in this museum is like a trip into different civilisations, an immersion into other cultures, far from our, still quite unknown, and impressive when you realise that some of them, like the Oceanian ones, are still alive.
Some people will find the setting too dark, but I found it more intimate, you feel close  to each object when you’re facing it, it reveals its strength and its magic. The masks give away their most powerful and authentical emotion.
The space is divided into four sections : Oceania, Asia, Africa, and America (Maya, Inca’s civilisation, beautiful objects, sculptures, jewellery, etc.).
If you go there for Japan, China or India, you might be disappointed because the Asian section is the smallest  in this museum. But, still, there are some  nice objects and costumes.
Here and there, you can view little documentaries about a particular people or tribe in different countries.
Open everyday except Monday from 10.00 a.m. until 6.30 p.m. (and 9.30 p.m. on Thursday).
Entrance price : 8,50 euros (6 euros reduced price). 8,50 euros as well for the temporary exhibitions.