Opened by the Auvergnat Léonard Lipp in 1880, the brasserie was first called "Les Bords du Rhin". Later, it became the meeting point for politicians (Malraux) and writers (Emingway, Camus). Still today, you can see there a lot of artists and journalists.

It's listed in the Historical Monuments for its wooden front, painted ceilings by Charly Garrey and ceramics walls by Léon Fargues.

A meal will cost you between 50 and 90 euros, and you'll have the choice between sauerkraut and seafood of course, but also "sole meunière", "boeuf gros sel", or "blanquette de veau".

150 sits.

Open daily from 9.00 A.M. until 2.00 A.M.