Opened in 1971, it used to be a hippy hotel! Today, it's just a bit bohemian atmosphere and Mrs Busillet (the same owner since the opening) is proud to offer 20 rooms, each of them decorated in a different theme by her husband and her son David. Beautiful frescos and famous characters are painted on the walls, and there is also oriental mosaïcs in most of the rooms. A few rooms are more classical, like the room Mélanie, with old pictures or posters. You have the choice between the Colonial, the Oriental, the Polynesian, the Molière, the Victor Hugo, and many more rooms! Some have a balcony and one has a little hammam! There's a quite flowery garden in the springtime, where you can rest. 12 double rooms, 8 single. A really original adress in the heart of the 6th area, in a small quite street. Open all year long. Reservation by phone only. No elevator (5 floors) and no breakfast. About half of the bedrooms don't have private toilets, but then it's on the same floor. Prices from 85 to 100 euros.