The most famous! Can I really avoid this one? Of course not! This avenue is very large, and offers a nice view on the Arc de Triomphe on one end, and on the Place de La Concorde on the other. It's quite nice at night, all lit up with the town and cars lights. Some people might think that it's a very "chic" place, but in fact, there is a quite important diversity in the shops as much as in the crowd walking up and down the street. You can meet there businessmen (and women!), because there is a lot of offices, parisians, tourists, and young ones from the suburb, who like to meet there in the week-ends. You can find a bit of everything you might look for, such as cinemas, cafés, restaurants (from Mac Do to Le Fouquet's), books, CD's and DVD's shops (Fnac), clothes shops (Gap, Zara, Celio, Adidas, Benetton,etc), accessories shops (Louis Vuitton), nice supermarket (Monoprix) or toy shop (Disney...).