Closed from June 25th to July 15th 2012. With a big bath (50X20 meters), this swimming-pool is central in Paris, and has got the widest opening times(no school time reserved): Monday: 11.30 am. to 11.00 pm. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 11.30 am. to 10.00 pm. Wednesday: 7.00 to 8.15 am; 10.00 am. to 11.00 pm. Saturday and Sunday: 9.00 am. to 7.00 pm. Full prices: 4 euros one ticket, and 36 euros for ten tickets. Swimming hat required; boxer-shorts forbidden. Front desk closes 45 mn before …

This parisian swimming-pool, floating on the Seine, is one of the newest. Unfortunately, like any boat, it needs a outside refection every year, usually in the winter. The pool itself is not very big (20X10 meters), but t's very pleasant in the summer, as its glass roof opens, and it's got a big terrace where you can sunbath.There is also a very shallow water place for small kids, and a fitness room. During the summer, you can benefit from a few temporary restaurants just next to it along the …

This is the oldest swimming pool in Paris, renovated. Two pools (25X10 meters ans 10X6 meters for the children).

Full prices: 3 euros for one ticket; 24 euros for ten tickets.

Opening times:

Monday: 11.30 am. to 1.30 pm.; 6.30 to 10.00 pm.

Tuesday, Wednesday: 7.00 to 8.30 am.; 11.30 am. to 6.30 pm.

Thursday, Friday: 7.00 to 8.30 am.; 11.30 am. to 6.30 pm.
Saturday: 7.00 am. to 6.00 pm.

Sunday: 8.00 am. to 6.00 pm.